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A ward boy is a healthcare professional who assists in various duties in a hospital or healthcare setting. They are responsible for transporting patients to and from various areas within the hospital or clinic, such as the operating room, radiology department, or laboratory. They also help patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, and eating, and provide general assistance to nursing staff as needed. Other duties may include cleaning and maintaining patient rooms and hospital equipment, as well as providing basic medical care under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional.


  1. Patient care: Ward boys play a crucial role in providing basic care to patients, including assisting with activities of daily living and helping them move around the hospital or clinic.

  2. Support for healthcare professionals: Ward boys assist healthcare professionals in various duties, including transporting patients and maintaining equipment, which allows doctors and nurses to focus on providing medical care.

  3. Improved efficiency: Having a dedicated ward boy service can improve the efficiency of a hospital or clinic by ensuring that patients are transported to the appropriate areas in a timely manner and that hospital equipment is properly maintained.

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